The Chocolate Money



Director Adam Shankman

Director: Adam Shankman
Writers:   Emma Forrest, Kate Beckinsale
Producers: Leslie Urdang, Kate Beckinsale, Miranda de Pencier, Kelly E. Ashton  

1980’s New York. Bettina Ballentyne and her mother, Babs, are heiresses to one of America’s biggest chocolate fortunes. Babs is beautiful, glamorous and whip-smart; she lives a free-wheeling rock-star life-style and her extravagant parties are legendary. Dazzled by her mother’s lifestyle and constantly craving her attention, Bettina finds escape in reading beauty magazines and taking photos. With her blurred view of reality she fantasises about normal family life and develops a huge crush on Mack, her mother’s married lover. Bewitched by his elegance and movie-star good looks, she finds in him the affection she desperately seeks. Too young to understand the pitfalls of electric, all-consuming adult love, Bettina tries to play her own moves in her mother’s and Mack’s destructive game, leading to catastrophic results. 

A few years later, Bettina is shipped off to an elite boarding school and the promise of a life without the interference of her mother. With a chance of a fresh start, she casts herself as a scholarship student, living amongst the off-spring of the extremely wealthy.  Bettina quickly learns she will need to use all the behavioural skills from the Ballentyne arsenal just to survive. History soon catches up with her when Mack’s handsome teenage son, Cape, becomes part of her circle of new friends and Babs unexpectedly turns up on campus. Bettina realises that her mother’s game isn’t over. Can she ever break free to forge her own identity - or is she simply doomed to being her mother’s daughter forever?

Set in an immensely colourful world, THE CHOCOLATE MONEY is a wildly entertaining mother-daughter love story, which is as eccentric as it is familiar.

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