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'Apostasy' Director Daniel Kokotajlo Nominated for IWC Bursary Award

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'Journeyman' to World Premiere at LFF


Cannes: Christoph Waltz's Directorial Debut Adds Vanessa Redgrave

Based on a true story, Waltz will direct himself and Redgrave in the crime drama, GEORGETOWN.

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Maxine Peake Joins Mike Leigh's 'Peterloo'

Maxine Peake leads the cast in Mike Leigh's PETERLOO.


Cannes: Alison Thompson talks streaming, release windows and Brexit

Screen interview top UK sales agents, including our very own Alison Thompson to talk about the industry.

Mike Leigh’s 'Peterloo' gets sales deal, gears up for shoot

Mike Leigh starts shooting Peterloo in UK.